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The Chicago Maroon

Jan 31, 2018

Hosts: Max Miller, Samuel Landon, Shawn Park
Featuring: Ege Yalcindag, SHUBA
Editors: Parker Mee, Grace Hauck

Jan 29, 2018

We sit down with three members of the Coalition for an Obama Library CBA to talk about developments south of the Midway.

Hosts: Miles Burton, Austin Christhilf, Grace Hauck
Editor: Grace Hauck
Featuring: Kyana Butler, Juanita Irizzary, Robert Hayes
Music: Aaron Cendan

Jan 28, 2018

Booth Professor Luigi Zingales has invited Steve Bannon to take part in a debate on globalization and immigration at UChicago. In this Maroon Weekly special report, we chat with Samantha Eyler-Driscoll, who works with Zingales at Booth’s Stigler Center. Eyler-Driscoll has been outspoken in her opposition to...

Jan 27, 2018

Hosts: Max Miller, Shawn Park
Editor: Parker Mee
Featuring: Hayley Gruenspan, Jacob “Average” Johnson

Jan 27, 2018

The second episode of the Chicago Maroon's Monday morning news show.

Hosts: Miles Burton, Austin Christhilf
Editors: Miles Burton, Grace Hauck
Featuring: Mikala Paula, Caroline Hutton, Dylan Stafford, Jonah Benning-Shorb, Spencer Dembner
Music: Aaron Cendan

Thanks to Ben, Kent, and the entire Logan Center Cage staff.