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The Chicago Maroon

Apr 30, 2018

This week on the Maroon Weekly, the Maroon Editorial Board talks with the Unite Slate to discuss their platform for the upcoming Student Government Elections.
Featuring: Miles Burton, Quinn Kane, Austin Christhilf
Editor: Austin Christhilf
Music: Aaron Cendan, Andrew Dietz

Apr 29, 2018

In this week's episode of Quadcast, our very own Natalia Rodriguez sits down with members from Voices in Your Head, an on campus acapella group, to talk about their journey to this year's ICAA Final.

Natalia Rodriguez
Will Cabaniss
Ire Olagbami

Apr 23, 2018

Contributors Grace Hauck and Caitlyn Tien talk to Student Government President Calvin Cottrell about his time in Student Government and upcoming SG elections. Austin Christhilf delves into the role of UChicago's Crime Lab with Kim Smith, the lab's senior research manager.

Hosts: Miles, Burton, Austin Christhilf,...

Apr 17, 2018

Featured in this week's episode of the Quad cast is Lizzie Hunpatin of the UChicago Black Business Alliance. BBQ was founded just this past spring by co-presidents Lizzie Hunpatin and Pule Tshepo and aims to provide professional support for Black students seeking to go into business and other industries. Already...

Apr 16, 2018

This week: Austin Christhilf talks the history of housing in the college with Spencer Dembner, and Quinn Kane sits down with Katie Akin to find out what exactly happened to the business economics major proposal.

Hosts: Miles, Burton, Quinn Kane, Austin Christhilf
Editor: Austin Christhilf, Quinn Kane
Featuring: Spencer...