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The Chicago Maroon

Oct 30, 2018

Choice and Consequence is a board game which takes the player through the real-life struggle of alcoholism. Created by local Richard Thomas, who struggled with alcoholism during his life, Choice and Consequence is designed to help those who may be struggling. The Maroon’s Katie Akin sat down with Richard to...

May 26, 2018

Vogue. Vogue. Strike a pose. This week on the Quadcast: MODA. MODA members Annie Geng, Luke Lundstrom, Mia Fierberg, and Olivia Jia tell Natalia Rodriguez all about design and fashion culture on campus.
Host: Natalia Rodriguez
Featuring: Annie Geng, Luke Lundstrom, Mia Fierberg, and Olivia Jia
Music by: Andrew Dietz

May 11, 2018

Want to star on the silver screen but don't know how to get involved in filmmaking at UChicago? In this episode of the Quadcast, host Aiden Million learns about Fire Escape Films, UChicago's largest filmmaking RSO, with third-year Alison Trash, script supervisor and interim development manager of Fire...

Apr 13, 2018

Maroon reporter and past Jeopardy! contestant Lucia Geng interviews Harry Kioko, a UChicago student who is part of the current Jeopardy! College Championship. Lucia and Harry discuss how they got on the show, how they prepared, and what Jeopardy! is like behind the scenes.

Host: Lucia Geng
Featuring: Harry Kioko

Mar 1, 2018

On this week’s episode: the life of an Off-Off student and the origins of Naked Love, a Harris School podcast on romance from a public policy perspective.

Host: Max Miller
Editor: Mimansa Dogra, Parker Mee
Featuring: Ellen Askey, Coco Yim