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The Chicago Maroon

Apr 16, 2018

This week: Austin Christhilf talks the history of housing in the college with Spencer Dembner, and Quinn Kane sits down with Katie Akin to find out what exactly happened to the business economics major proposal.

Hosts: Miles, Burton, Quinn Kane, Austin Christhilf
Editor: Austin Christhilf, Quinn Kane
Featuring: Spencer...

Apr 13, 2018

This week, the podcast team brings you a megapod: Pete Grieve walks us through the Maroon’s reporting on last week’s shooting, fourth-year Olivia De Keyser reflects on her good friend, Charles, and Postdoctoral Fellow Guy Emerson Mount, Charles’s professor, discusses policing and mental health on campus. Plus: we...

Apr 13, 2018

Last Thursday, University President Robert J. Zimmer and Dean of the College John Boyer took questions from undergraduate students at a forum on free speech in I-House. Reporter Grace Hauck sat down with Vice President for Student Affairs Chase Harrison to talk about the event, as well as with several students who asked...

Apr 6, 2018

Reporter Quinn Kane looks into housing options that the University provides to graduate students, and finds that many of these options are disappearing.

Host: Quinn Kane
Editor: Quinn Kane
Correspondents: Grace Hauck, Miles Burton
Featuring: Jimmy Heald, Thomas Dannenhoffer-Lafage, Linda McHale
Music: Aaron Cendan,...

Apr 2, 2018

Maroon local politics editor David Whyman discuses his interview with Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. Plus: upcoming events, news you missed last week, and more.

Hosts: Quinn Kane, Austin Christhilf
Editor: Quinn Kane
Featuring: David Whyman
Music: Aaron Cendan, Andrew Dietz